• You are guaranteed a professional, personal service from a Consultant with 16 years experience of working for 3 agencies (both large and independent)…. Sensitive to the frustrations that can arise from either (ie. Invoicing issues, reactive Consultants, not being listened to…)
  • Trained to write captivating online Job Adverts in order to attract the best available candidates on your behalf
  • Trained in Search Consultancy, using available tools and a degree of ‘detective’ work in order to make contact with those star candidates that aren’t actively looking (we can agree on a pro-forma fee for Head-Hunting)
  • A personal service from a Consultant who will become an extension of your internal team, will take time to meet with you and get to know your business (this is VITAL in ensuring the right match… and to minimize chances of things not working out)
  • We will arrange slots in your diary for you to meet suitable candidates and send you the CV’s over in advance (no need for you to spend time trawling through CV’s… we do this for you and we KNOW our candidates)
  • We offer competitive fees and a personal service you can depend on (a Consultant will come and see you to discuss what you need and tailor a fee to your needs)
  • Interviewing not your strong point??… We can provide advice on Interview Techniques… how to get the most out of an interviewee and establish their suitability for the role.
  • Well connected – We can refer you to qualified, reputable and highly experienced Trainers, Business Coaches or HR Consultants should your business or team need some attention.