“Your business is only as good as the people in it”…

What do you do as an Employer to retain and reward your invaluable team?

Do you offer structured Performance Development Reviews, a competitive Benefits Package, a Bonus for going the extra mile, a positive and inspiring workplace, or perhaps most significant of all – recognition when it really matters?

Does your business easily attract the best ‘talent’ on the market and carry a reputation for looking after and developing it’s people, or are you ‘one to avoid’ due to a never-ending and somewhat painful recruitment process, the perceived inability to keep your people or a lack of training and continuous development?

I speak to candidates constantly (both, those looking for the next step and those happy where they are) in order to understand what’s important for the best people out there, that could be part of your business…. 

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B2B Creative Director vacancy

I have a great career opportunity for an accomplished Creative Director (agency and B2B exp) with an established West Midlands multi-channel agency.

Looking for a talented individual with an International B2B portfolio of highly conceptual and multi-channel work.

I’d love to you see your portfolio boasting your best international B2B work. Mandy@highmeadowrecruitment.co.uk


New Year… New Career?

As we approach the second month of 2018, you’ve probably decided whether your current career or place of work is where you want to spend the rest of the year?

Perhaps you didn’t get that bonus or payrise you were promised? Maybe there has been a restructure that has left you feeling uneasy? You could put your discontent down to the ‘January Blues’ or S.A.D? Or maybe, it’s just time for a change?

Whatever the reason, get in touch. We will advise you the best we can, on how to maximise your success in securing the role you’re after – whether that’s CV content and formatting advice, Interview Preparation or which Job Boards to be using.

The year ahead may look uncertain for Great Britain as ‘BREXIT’ looms, but if you’d like some assistance in taking control of what YOUR future looks like, then drop us a line.facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

No 2nd chance at making a 1st Impression!

Sound like a cliche’?! Well it’s probably one of the most accurate statements ever to be applied to the interview ‘process’!

Apparently it takes less than 10 seconds for someone to make a judgement when meeting you for the first time and even the most laid back and open-minded of Interviewers will find it hard not to let any ‘mud’ stick!

Dress smartly, polish your shoes, perfect that firm handshake (non-sweaty please!!) and for goodness sake smile!

You’ve done all the preparation you can of course, know the answers to all the likely competency questions related to your role and you’ve found out lots of interesting facts about the company and the Interviewer (I said Interesting…make them stand out… in a good way!)

Don’t do yourself the injustice of letting youself down at interview stage when you have worked so hard and let’s face it, fought of so much competition to get an interview in the first place!

For further advice on Interview Skills and preparation or on how to best present your CV – drop me a line!facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Happy New Year!!!!!

As 2016 unfolds, you’ve waved goodbye to 2015 and all of it’s highs and lows, you may be trying to decide whether now is the right time to embark on a new career adventure?

For a confidential, unbias chat or advice on CV or next steps – give me a call or drop me a line – I’d be delighted to assist.

Mandy xfacebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Kicking leaves!

As the days get shorter and we fight the urge to go in to ‘hibernation mode’, some will be struggling to get out of bed in the morning!

If your desire to stay beneath the sheets rather than ‘star jump’ out of bed and head off to work is more to do with a lost love for your job (or employer!) then worry not! High Meadow Recruitment is here to work behind the scenes, finding you that perfect new role, just in time for the Christmas Party!facebooktwitterlinkedinmail

Summer’s almost over!!!

As we enter the final stretch of summer here’s hoping we get some sunshine to enjoy the great outdoors before the kids return to school (and parents can go back to work for a rest!).

If you’re considering a career move, then find time between the odd Pimms and Lemonade to ensure that your CV is in tip-top shape – your CV is your first impression afterall and should be PERFECT!

If you need some advice on how to construct the ideal CV or would like to know what sort of companies we work with, then please get in touch, we’d be pleased to help.facebooktwitterlinkedinmail