New Year… New Career?

As we approach the second month of 2018, you’ve probably decided whether your current career or place of work is where you want to spend the rest of the year?

Perhaps you didn’t get that bonus or payrise you were promised? Maybe there has been a restructure that has left you feeling uneasy? You could put your discontent down to the ‘January Blues’ or S.A.D? Or maybe, it’s just time for a change?

Whatever the reason, get in touch. We will advise you the best we can, on how to maximise your success in securing the role you’re after – whether that’s CV content and formatting advice, Interview Preparation or which Job Boards to be using.

The year ahead may look uncertain for Great Britain as ‘BREXIT’ looms, but if you’d like some assistance in taking control of what YOUR future looks like, then drop us a line.