No 2nd chance at making a 1st Impression!

Sound like a cliche’?! Well it’s probably one of the most accurate statements ever to be applied to the interview ‘process’!

Apparently it takes less than 10 seconds for someone to make a judgement when meeting you for the first time and even the most laid back and open-minded of Interviewers will find it hard not to let any ‘mud’ stick!

Dress smartly, polish your shoes, perfect that firm handshake (non-sweaty please!!) and for goodness sake smile!

You’ve done all the preparation you can of course, know the answers to all the likely competency questions related to your role and you’ve found out lots of interesting facts about the company and the Interviewer (I said Interesting…make them stand out… in a good way!)

Don’t do yourself the injustice of letting youself down at interview stage when you have worked so hard and let’s face it, fought of so much competition to get an interview in the first place!

For further advice on Interview Skills and preparation or on how to best present your CV – drop me a line!